Register IRC protocol handler

A lot of people use url like irc:// or irc://#channel@network, and so many different syntaxes to give IRC channel hyperlinks.
IRC LC allow you to follow them on your browser if possible :

Firefox / Chrome

Just click to add IRCLC as an IRC handler (javascript must be enabled)

Firefox Note: If you have the Chatzilla extension installed and enabled, for this to work properly, you need to type about:config in your browser, right click "New --> Boolean", create a new setting called network.protocol-handler.external.irc and set its value to true


In opera, you have to make CRTL+F12 Advanced > Programs > Add New, Put irc in Protocol, give your P://ath/to/opera.exe on selected Open with other application, and fill Parameter with : You can helpyourself with that setup screen.

Internet Explorer / Windows

Download this registry protocol handler and launch/merge/execute/double-click/valid it.
irc:// links may no work if they contains special characters like #.


IRC LC don't follow any rfc, 1990's notes, etc... to interpret irc://url.
It inspires from thousands of urls observed on the web & on irc.
If you find urls that does'nt work with the site, feel free to report them on #irc.